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Multipurpose Waiter and Waitress

Records of the 1st class of the Waiter and Waitress course at Sede da Mulherada 09/21/2021

First aid

Records of the 2nd class of the First Aid course at Sede da Mulherada 08/27

first aid course student


Records of class 2 of the Hospitality course at Sede da Mulherada

Room maid

closing of the course, taught by professor Margô Carvalho the course is offered by the Capacita program developed by prodetursalvador

women together with certificates in hands

Elderly Caregiver Preparation

Registration of the first class of the Elderly Caregiver Preparatory Course taught by professor Sara Carvalho, the course is offered and administered by Instituto A Mulherada

elderly caregivers course students


female empowerment classes with percussion lessons for beginners

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