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Mulherada, as a band, spreads the afro pop rhythm. Mulherada is a band that stands out for fighting to defend women's rights. It has participated in several local and national campaigns to end violence against women. It began its career in Pelourinho and carnival parades at Bloco A Mulherada on the Campo Grande and Barra Ondina circuits.

International recognition came at the 19th annual African Market Place Cultural Faire in Los Angels, USA, in 2004. With the rhythmic sound of drums, it spreads Brazilian afro pop rhythms.

In the repertoire, authored songs with strong lyrics full of Bahianism and commitment to feminist causes.

The musical experience consists of major events with renowned artists such as: Sandra de Sá, Olodum, Ilê Ayiê, Lazzo, Mariene de Castro, Gerônimo, Luiz Caldas, Margareth Menezes, Malê Debalê, Márcia Freire, Muzenza, Cortejo Afro, Raimundo Sodré , Gilberto Gil, Márcia Short, Sine Calmon, Simone Moreno, etc. More than a musical band, Mulherada is a Brazilian social commitment, which makes it stand out among other Bahian bands. His repertoire contains his own songs composed of strong lyrics full of ethnic, racial and social identity. In this way, it has established its commitment to women's causes.

By identifying that women members of the group suffered violence, we decided to increasingly be present on the battle fronts for the construction of women's full citizenship, with this the group is an entity referred to as dedicated to defending women's rights, as in its lyrics propose the engagement of society in favor of this fight, but with so much effort and dedication they do not often receive government funds to carry out their affirmative actions, thus making it difficult to continue their activities.

Faced with alarming data on violence against women and mainly due to the fact that these data are high in Salvador, the group, since 2008, decided to take to the streets during Carnival the Drums Campaign for the End of Domestic Violence – you can play, you can't beat! thus, it promotes discussion about the need to promote an end to violence in major world events.

The project makes the analogy between playing the DRUM and touching a WOMAN. In other words, you cannot hit the drum, because it will not produce a pleasant sound and will damage the instrument, the same happens with the woman, you cannot hit her, as it will hurt or kill her and also to touch the woman it must be allowed to do so.

As Carnival is a moment of visibility in the media, we set out to develop this campaign in line with governmental and non-governmental organizations defending women's rights. As we realized that the dissemination of this campaign cannot be limited to just Carnival, we seek to maintain it throughout the year, holding lectures, seminars, conversation circles and other events on the topic.

We are dedicated to this topic because we understand that actions like these can positively influence society in combating the end of violence against women, making the educational role of Law 11360/2006 – Maria da Penha Law effective, thus expanding women's achievements by gender equity in the various spheres that make up the social context, but we also aim to raise awareness so that we have more people committed to eradicating all forms of violence and discrimination

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